Creative Gardening in Iowa

We’re a family of 8 growing as much of our own food as we can. It began with a small herb garden and has grown every year to become a bit of an obsession!
Family and friends started asking me to share what I’ve learned along the way, and so this blog and a garden consulting business was born.


Starting Seeds Indoors Part Two: Let’s Get to Work!

So you’ve got all the supplies you need to start seeds, including some alternatives to expensive seed starting supplies. Now what?


Starting Seeds Indoors Part One: Supplies

A complete list of what you’ll need to start seeds indoors like a pro, including creative alternatives to store bought supplies.


Gardening with Kids (Nine Tips to Make it Easier)

Let’s get a few things clear right off the bat. If your kids are under the age of 4 and they’re in the garden with you, they will eat the dirt…


The Bees Did It! (or, Why I believe in Gardening as Therapy)

So, I garden. I garden to keep sane. I garden to stay connected to the Divine. I garden to give my spirit nourishment and my body sustenance. I garden to teach my children that Mother Earth provides. I garden for the thrill of it, I garden for the easy source of procrastination on cleaning the house. I garden for a plethora of reasons, all of which stem back to that day in the apple tree.



Not sure why your lettuce is failing? Don’t know what to do about your soil quality? Want to start composting but don’t know where to start?

I offer email consulting so you can ask your questions and get specific, personalized, actionable advice.



Looking for something fun to do with your group in Sioux City Iowa or the surrounding area?

I offer workshops to bring small gardens to you! From salad bowls with mixed salad greens to herbal tea garden sets, I can join you at your next Red Hats, Girl Scouts, or other small group meeting. I bring all the supplies and education, you just have fun!



So many people want to start gardens but don’t know where to put what plants for maximum sun, soil, and plant needs.

I visit your home in the Sioux City, Iowa area and give you a complete garden plan based on what you want to grow.

Still not 100% on what you want to grow? I can help with that, too.


The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.

-Gertrude Jekyll